Doing research is harder than I thought

Before starting in microstock I have read it a couple of times -- "do your research, man". Sounds quite easy. Just find those things, customers currently are interested in, think about your project, create images, get them online and sell them, right?

The main problem is not finding the projects (or having ideas), creating images or getting them online -- even not to match them with customers interests at all. The main problem is, finding the customers needs for each agency individually.

When doing in just one agency, it is not a big deal -- even though it is not easy. Doing in different agencies makes it even harder. It seems, that customers have their specific agencies, for certain themes. And the agencies have their experience with that. All this ends up in getting images online here at DT, which have been declined by other agencies and vice versa.

And even this -- obviously -- does not mean, that those images will sell here at DT. Some of them sell at other agencies amazingly fine.

So, doing research means doing quite more than guessing what might be of interest. Doing research for different agencies does also mean, finding the spot for each agency individually. But, I am getting better, though. ;-)

Photo credits: Alexander Zschach.

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Let's try it :) BTW, this is a quite good example for the subject of my article. This image has already overall 12 sales at different sites. But not at DT. ;-)


Yep, nice work! You could change the title of image # 8694128 ... separate the two words. Maybe you'll have more success that way!


thanks :) same for you :)


nice portfolio you have on here... good luck!

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