Doing Things Cheaply and Receiving BIG Payouts!

As a college student I am limited by my wallet. Between paying for college, affording rent, and attempting to build up enough savings to eventually START my life, I find that I have little spare change laying around to really jump-start my photography. I can't afford a fancy camera, a studio, models, or even high quality software, but I do know just enough trickery to make some money!

With just a rather simple compact Canon SD630 digital camera and PhotoShop, I have made over $1500 in the last week! If you're strapped for cash and need to find a way to create great photography with limited resources, I've got a few easy tips for you!

-Look around for everyday things that can make your shoot more simple. Don't have a a backdrop in a studio? Use a sheet of paper for smaller objects or a white sheet to isolate larger ones.

-For darker backgrounds just turn off all of the lights and shine some light on the desired object.

-Don't have a model? Take a picture of yourself in a mirror for some great images without need of a model release!

-Can't quite catch that object in mid-flight? Think outside the box a little bit to slow it down, or better yet, stop it completely:)

-And as always, nature provides a great setting too, and it's usually free. But don't rely too much on nature unless the shot is really special, because it's usually easy to get outdoor shots and everybody does it.

Photo credits: John Sternig.

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August 18, 2007


My favorite settings have always been outdoor shots. They're cheap, and naturally beautiful. :) Take an everyday object and throw it against some lush green grass or a deep blue sky, and voila!

August 18, 2007


Congrats on your income. That ball image is quite famous lately for the SR-EL sale you've got :) I am still waiting for a sale like that :)

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