Don't delete your old photos!

A while ago I read a post about deleting photos from your portfolio that are out of date. Well, I din't delete mine.

I felt it like throwing away my work, that I've spend time and effort to create it.

And it was good I didn't.

Some days ago I had this strange April' sale :)

2.27$ were added to my earnings.

So, do you think you have to delete your out of date photos?

P.S. To the buyer: Happy New 2009 Year! :)

Photo credits: Desislava Vasileva.

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I was always curious the after life of those 'outdated' images, i delete only if i don't really like my image but don't have too much jet to erase ;) Greetings


Tracy, why do you say "thank you" - are you the buyer? As for the pending files, I have no idea. Mine are pending for 1 day. Maybe they are really celebrating admin's day, as Noonie said in her blog :)


That's great. All they have to do is change the 2009 to 2010 and they're ready for next year!


That is a nice surprise and congratulation! I totally agree, the old image - iof it isn´t for a quality - shouldn´t be deleted. Who knows who might find them in any time :-)


I've had a couple of my older files sell lately..maybe we just haven't been on here long enough to know that they really won't sell at all.


cool! thought, maybe for all new year is not at 1.1.xxxx ;)


Thank you and congratulations. BTW, do you know how come my pending files have been under review for more than 4 days now?

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