Don't Fall

Recently visited Ellis Island in New Jersey. What a great place to visit - all the history and all the people that passed through those halls. Toward the end of the day, we took a stairway down to another floor and I look over the railing and was impressed with the dizzying view. This photo resulted.

I can't help but contemplate all the various immigrants that passed through these stairs - peering over them with a little bit of vertigo just as I did many years later.

Here's a topic for discussion - I'm interested in the feedback of my fellow photographers.

Must we use Photoshop?

I've grown somewhat wearly of what I guess I can only call the "Photoshop" look. I'm talking about beautiful pictures that just don't appear quite real.

As for me, I'm interested in beautiful pictures that capture the real world the way it is - beautiful but imperfect and flawed.

Is there a market for images that more realistically capture realism?

Would Ansel Adams have used Photoshop? What about the stock photographer - is Photoshop required in order to sell pictures?

Can we take beautiful photos, edit them only minimally and do justice to this art form?

Photo credits: David Watts Jr..

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August 14, 2007


Personally I think there is room for all kinds of images. I much admire the skills and images of the photoshop wizards but also respect the simplicity of "real" pictures. I think it is like in art galleries where you might prefer the realism in a painting rather than the unreal modern art. As far as sales, if you focus solely on that I think the artist inside you is fading. At the end of the day you have to love the pictures you make.
I try to be minimalist in my editing, not because I am anti Photoshop but because I only have very limited time for photography. I would love to learn more, do more but I think I will have to wait until I am 80 to have time!!

August 14, 2007


well, this is veru subjective topic... each of us has own style and each of us admire another style, I like very much images of Ansel Adams, but I also like very much surrealistic photomontage. I love Photoshop as it offers to play with images on every level. One can just play with colors, but one can also create so many artistic images... I think photography must go forward on every direction. People must have choice to chose realistic images but also artistic images. We are different and it would be boring if there would be just realistic photos. As well as it would be boring just to see manipulated images... the world, including the worrld of photography, is more beautiful when it is various.

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