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Hello Dreamstimers!!

I don't know know what hour it's at your place at the moment of reading (because we are all scattered around the world) but I just want to say Happy Children's day!

It's 1st of June and some of us celebrate Children's Day in our countries!

Maybe we don't look like a kid anymore, but I hope we will never forget to be one!

Enjoy summer like a kid! Smile like a kid! Scream like a kid! Be like a kid from time to time!

We all live different lifes but in most cases we forget to have fun, or to simply look at things like children do.

From time to time take a vacation from being an adult and just like like a kid! It helps!

I wish you all a great day! A Happy Children's day!

And if you don't celebrate Children's day in your country find out here what is all about -> Children's Day

Photo credits: Andrei Tailup.

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June 02, 2014


In Mexico we celebrate Children's day the 30th of April. GReat idea...

June 01, 2014


A very good idea............... I always say I'm 18 going on twenty. David.

June 01, 2014


Happy Children's day!

June 01, 2014


Subscribe to the significant event! Children must be protected always and everywhere, regardless of the situation - war or peace.   Family house and life poster   

June 01, 2014


I am almost sure - each of us feels a child in his soul, no matter how old he or she actually is. Happy Children's Day, boys and girls! :)

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