Don’t give up!

I have read a lot of your blogs, some of them are very useful. And now I feel that I must say a few words.

I’m a newbie here, and uploaded 10 pictures – 5 one day, and then one by one each other day. So… First 5 pictures were reviewed yesterday. The result was awful: they are all rejected! The reasons are different: sometimes it was about my camera lens, sometime the subject was well covered in the data base…

I am now appealing to other newbies just like me who try to do their best and upload your best pictures first. Don’t give up! DT wants to maximize your (and mine :)) sales and therefore selects the best of what you upload. If poor images are approved, they will not be sold anyway. So don’t be frustrated or disappointed and keep trying.

I have already uploaded several more pictures and waiting for a verdict. One of them is already approved!

Keep trying, and you will be noticed.

Photo credits: Awizard.

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Thanks, guys! I already have 3 approvals! And that's my personal progress on this site.
What would you do with the following reason:
"Poor optical performance due to low lens quality, such as lens fringing, chromatic aberrations, uneven sharpness in focus area."
The picture is very cool: little baby's legs in the father's hand. But I don't know how to improve its quality. Any ideas?


The rejection process can be mind boggling at times, and downright frustrating, but let that be a driving force rather than a hindrance, and as you say "never give up"...Good luck.


u know untill now i have more rejection than approval, but i never quit, sales are good so no worries


thanks for the comment! I am in the same situation and i was feeling pretty down. I'll try further. Thanks.


I agree! I first joined in Sept. 2008, but only submitted 1 photo, which was accepted. Then submitted a couple more, and then in Nov I submitted a lot, which most of them were rejected. what a blow! But it has helped me so much. I spend a lot of time looking at other photographer works and see what is selling. I have to keep checking and re-checking my photographs to see if they are the best. If I have any doubts then I don't submit it. I know the more you look at others photographs the better you become at judging your own. Just don't give up!


Rejection of your images - this is an occasion for creativity! Do not throw away these pictures! You know, I like to look at the painted walls, the different patterns, textures. And I find a lot of interesting ideas and even ready-scenes details! Make a collage of different photos, use filters, because photo - is not only the obvious! And it does not matter what your camera, just Be creative!


Hard work and patience - I think these are the key words for success.
Good luck to all of us :-)


yes, working hard will always be rewarded.
those who made their way in right free, have no regrets at all !


Yes, don't give up.

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