Don't give up

What I must pass on to anyone else getting started is not to give up. You will read about people saying Dreamstime is too strict or that their best images got turned down. It's okay. Go back to the lab, conjure up another potion, and try again. Maybe your rejected image will be better suited on another site.

I am a beginner in the realm of micro stock, but I'm starting to learn through perseverance. My first two images we rejected. Then I had one accepted and another 3 three were rejected.

After really reading the great comments from the Dreamstime reviewers I went over my process of creating and submitting, and got two more vectors ready. Submitted them both and both were approved!!!

I am now researching cameras and looking to start adding photo's which I have always wanted to do.

There are people who are making $50 a month and some making $5000 a month. Some use micro stock as their main income. Figure out what it is you want to get from this micro stock and focus on it properly. Then you will most likely hone your skills, learn a lot of tricks, and determine what your strengths are.

By this years end I plan to have an added $100 per month from microstock. If I go over this amount great. Under this and I will have to really step up my game.

Hard work produces real results.

Thank you and God Bless

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Hezekiah Frazier
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Best of luck,as you have the right attitude you will succeed.


Good luck with reaching your goals :0)


That's a great attitude!! Good luck reaching your goals.