don't offend your wife in this way

My wife bought me sweater as new year's gift, but it seemed it not fit for me so well in the mirror. I said to her it was not very good for me to wear it, I told her if she wanted to buy something like clothes, we'd better go shopping together and the most important, she already bought me two new sweaters not long ago.

Wow, wife got unhappy for a whole night, for my passive attitude. She decided to return it in the next day.

Next evening, I got the shopping mall, met her there and returned the sweater. She kept her mood and ask for something as a punishment. I bought her a pretty fashionable dress, and obviously it didn't satisfied her. Until another gold ring was shining on her finger, She smiled and gave a dumb of victory. Oh my god, I can finally go home and eat two hours later. That's her punishment on me.

So there comes a rule, don't reject your wife's love in her way. Take her love and make her happy, if you want to protect your stomach and pocket. It's a easy job.

© Igorr
© Marmi

Photo credits: Md Humaun Kabir, Igorr, Marmi.

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Very interesting wishes to you!


Buying makes wives happy... was that the lesson?


:)) Been there! My husband was very finicky about clothes when we first got together, but we had trial and error and found a compromise on how I shop for him. :)


I totally agree.


After almost 25 years of Marriage, we have come up with a solution to the, not quite right Christmas gifts problem. Whlie we are shopping for the kids and Granchildren, we each by something we really want, then compliment each other on what wonderful gifts we got each other. Keeps life interesting.


Cute story and so true sometimes. Works the other way, too. My husband bought me a coat that I thought was too expensive and hurt HIS feelings when I asked if we should take it back. I still have it, of course, many years later.


Thanks for the tip. might be useful hehehehehe


Very interesting story. Agree with you partially. Haha.

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