Don't photograph food when kids are home!

© Elnur
I felt really guilty yesterday. My wife just came back from the grocery store with all kinds of fresh fruits and I immediately thought about making some nice stock photos. However, my 3-year old daughter and 5-year old son had their own ideas of what fruits are for. So I had to say "NO!" and even raise my voice a little. So kids said I'm a "Bad Boy" and made sad faces and started crying and...well, you know...I just couldn't resist. So I had to act fast before they ate it all and was able to make about 10 photos before all fruits were gone.
© Elnur

Now I'm asking those of you who don't have an access to studio work at home - how do you guys deal with issues like this? Please post your stories in comments.

Photo credits: Elnur.

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I would leave them in the car until the kids were in bed. Then they can have fruit for breakfast.


I wait until I have the entire home to myself :) They're few and far between at times, but I can get a LOT done that way! And no one asking when I'll be finished. :)

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