Don't quit your regular job just yet!

Ever wonder how fast "penny" stock ( that's usually how much we get paid ) is growing? Type in any image you're looking for and see how many pages pop up. Many times over 300 and if you multiply that times the number of images on the page, that equals 9000 different images. On what page is your image? If it's on page 289, do you think an art director will have the perseverance to go through all those previous pages to find your image? Scary isn't it. Sometimes I wonder how I sell any images!

Anyways, it all works out OK if like myself, you have pretty low expectations on how much money you're going to make selling stock. I figure it's like a bank account without much money in it that still pays me a 3% dividend each year. Found money. It's getting to the point that it might not be worth driving anywhere specifically to take a photograph because the cost of gasoline and car depreciation will be more than the money you will ever make from the sale of that photograph! I now only take stock photos as an adjunct to whatever else I'm doing.......

Photo credits: Christian Delbert.

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May 07, 2011


I fully agree with you!

May 07, 2011


nice image

May 07, 2011


If you have a regular job, then photography and microstock should be taken as a hobby.
Maybe once you retire, then you can take it up as a regular job (provided if your sales are good)

May 06, 2011


Thanks for sharing, and I agree with you, for me microstock its like a hobbie and an opportunity to learn and know people !

May 06, 2011


I totally agree with you, thanks for sharing your thoughts. In my case I take this time in microstock photography as an opportunity to learn and as a great hobbie, and regarding the money I earn? I spend it in photography gear.

May 06, 2011


That's what I thought. It's not feasible for most of people to suport themselves by only selling stock images, unless you have already had thousands of good stock images avaiable to upload, Particularly in the US and other countries with high living expenses. It might be a good supplemental income for people in the countries with relative lower living expenses. So, the most important thing is having fun, not how much you earn.

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