Don't touch the animals

Animals are a great subject to photograph and have even started the turn to be a good stock photo as the world looks to be a greener planet.

But please have some respect and don't touch them.

Fawns when first born have two natural defenses, they have no scent, and they can hold perfectly still.

But if you start moving them around the mother may reject them and they will die.

Of course some animals being touched could be the last photo you take.

Even little guys can be dangerous.

I knew a photographer that was moving a tropical frog around to get a good shot and became very very ill because the frog was secreting some toxins from it's skin as he was handling it.

So be respectful of nature and animals. Take only photos, and leave only memories.

Photo credits: Charlotte Leaper, Dave Willman.

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good advice and thanks very much for using one of my images!


great images here, and good advice too!


Thanks for caring! The fawn just begs to be touched. The tigers.. are awesome and look great at a distance. Nice frog too.

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