Don't trust what they write ON plastic! Trust only what you test!

Three SD cards tested, see here what is write on them: What they write on label - click here

Tested with h2testw_1.4 (google for it, it's free and small).


Sandisk Extreme class 6 (20 MB/s* on label) - 4 GB capacity

Writing speed tested: 12.3 MByte/s

Reading speed tested: 14.1 MByte/s

Sandisk class 2 - 8GB capacity

Writing speed tested: 5.40 MByte/s

Reading speed tested: 7.32 MByte/s

HAMA class 6 - 8GB capacity (don't know why Hama has a 10 in a circle and a 6 in another circle).

Writing speed tested: 12.3 MByte/s

Reading speed tested: 14.0 MByte/s

Trust me, on a DSLR camera in high speed mode you will shoot about 6-7 photos at high speed and after that the buffer will be full and SD card write speed limit will slow you down. Let's say you shoot RAW+Jpeg fine, this is about 11 MB+5MB (body with 12 MP sensor). So, after first 6-7 photos you will have to transfer on card about 16 MB. On a card with ~ 12 MB/s this will be more than 1 second. On a class 2 card (5.4 MB/s in my test) you will wait about 3-4 seconds before next shoot!

Conclusion: buy faster and more expensive cards if you are a sport or action shooter.

See ya! Dorian King out. (click on Useful you lazy!)

Photo credits: Mohamed Osama.

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no, they don't will be interested :) they have an * after that number (special testing condition) and the write speed is never published.


Yes...maybe you should direct an email to them and find out what they say...will be interesting to hear what they say.


don't know, maybe are fakes, pirated
With this "30 mbps ultra" my d90 shoot about 8 NEF at full speed and after that about 1 photo per second. At action photography 1 fps is very low :(


Thanks for the info....what I would like to know is how would Sandisk respond to these findings. Does this verge on false advertising??


Updated with a Sandisk card. On plastic 30 MBps but working like a 20 MBps Sandisk :( Same results. See link above.


Blog updated with a Warning about poor performance of an TDK card. See here:
Photo of the card attached at the end of post.


Thanks for this info....


This is my advice, but don't waste the money if you don't shoot action. I made some photos at a navy parade (airplanes and speed boats) and at a drifting race (see my last images) and it was hard without speed cards.


Nice advice. Will be updating my SD then.


That`s good info! Thanks for sharing!


You are welcome.


Thanks good to know...


yes, but only on full hd, on 720p a writing speed of 5MB/s is enough.


The high speed cards are also good if you record video with your DSLR. I tried and rejected 4 cards(I won't give names) before I got the right one.


Hey, thanks for this info. I've never even thought about it, but I'll consider upgrading to some new SD cards now (or at least one for action shots).

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