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Five hours. That’s the power of a photograph. “Carmen” went from a homeless pup and into the arms of a loving new home in just five hours through pet adoption photography.

Cute senior Chihuahua dog

Most of us became photographers because we love photography. We love to document our trips, capture photos of wildlife, make memories that last forever. We love the satisfaction of social media comments and compliments. And we love the gallery buyers and stock sales. But how about something else to fall in love with?... finding new homes for unwanted pets!

This sweet senior Chihuahua’s elderly owner had gone blind and could no longer care for her. So she was given to a new home. But not long after taking her in, she jumped out of their car and couldn’t be found. She was later picked up by animal control when some firefighters found her wandering the street. When her new owner saw her posted online, they called the shelter, but had decided they wouldn’t take her back in.

Carmen got a quick photo session in my homemade photography studio inside the shelter that I normally use for cats. Her quirky expression got her some immediate attention and adoption applications. The sun had not even gone down for the day and she was already adopted into a new home.

Photography is satisfying. That is why we are photographers. But find an even higher level of satisfaction by occasionally donating your photography skills to your local animal shelter!

Photo credits: William Wise.

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May 18, 2019


Good work William; it's a nice story, and the photo is great.

May 17, 2019


I've volunteered many times as a photographer and have enjoyed it quite a bit. Giving back to the community is always important!

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