dont we love goals?

I reached another goal last week.. my claim to be able to say I can now request a pay check! FINIALLY...although I cant say its been due to good sales. Im still only at 36 images sold.. with 335 accepted. I am doing something right for the DT staff apperntly.. not the word needs to get to the buyers! But.. not too discouraged. it will come... and it does. meanwhile I am having fun and doing something I love. new changes in my life are ahead in the next month with a move to a new place and away from my 4 granddaughters..(but only an hour) new job, (hmm not sure yet what that will be!) and a new relationship. (well same guy.. just new step to living together full time) Life is like that, goes fast and you never know what is around the next corner!

Photo credits: Susan Sheldon.

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Congratulations and keep at it, those $100 can start to come around much faster once you get the first few out of the way and keep building your portfolio :)


oh no! I wish I was getting 2.80 per photo.. but I am exclusive with dreamstime and thus we get 20 cents just for having an image uploaded and accepted... I have WAY too many images sold for a subscription price of 42 cents! although my largest sale has been over $6 and the next was 4.80. ahhh but it all adds up... and it makes waking up in the morning to check, so much fun. thanks all! also please look at my 5 collections and see if there is anything you can add to them? giraffes, military moments, kids playing, butterflies and mud!


Congratulations! 2.8$ for each one.You are great!


Congratulations! If you have reached 100$ with only 36 image it means that your medium income for image is 2.8$. It's very high!


Keep up the good work and good luck in you new adventure.


Hey neighbor !!!!! "Wow" is all I have to say. Only 36 sales to reach $100 , that's great !


Congratulations on all your exciting changes. Sounds like a wonderful time to be you!


Susan you are doing great lovely pictures now ..............keep going and you will build a fantastic large portfolio and earn big money David


Congratulations, you're doing great.


Great photos, Susan! Good luck! :)

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