"Dot to dot" games

In my opinion connecting dots is one of the most funny games for children. It is a great educational quiz game for concentration and helps improving hand-eye coordination in kids.

If you want to draw illustrations with this game, you should be aware of the many possibilities you have:

The famous "Dot to dot" or "Connect the dots" game can be made ...

1. with numbers, the classic way.

2. with alphabet letters, a great opportunity for kids learning the alphabet in a funny way.

3. with symbols like stars, hearts, … This is ideal for very young children who are not able to connect numbers or alphabet letters yet.

Some "Dot to dot" drawing tips: The shapes of your drawings have to be simple/clear, so “Line Art” is very important: Just concentrate on simplicity!

Step 1: Draw an illustration with simple lines.

Step 2: Now draw the dots and number them in chronological order as you draw. Be careful with the size of the dots and numbers!

Step 3: Please keep in mind that it will be a game for children, so do not draw dots around the face and other elements in order to make the finished results easier to interpret.

The " Funny games for kids" collection contains a lot of "Connect the dot" games. Please leave a comment with the ID of your illustration if it fits into this collection! Also write a comment if you have any further questions or suggestions. Thanks for reading!

Photo credits: FabioConcetta, Mariaam.


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October 06, 2011


Nice images Mariaam.

September 22, 2011


Thank you very much! Thanks also for the encouragement :)

September 22, 2011


Hello Mangroove! It´s already in the collection! A very good drawing, cute monkey and a lot of numbers - very useful for kids!

September 22, 2011


Hello Mariaam! I just uploaded my first illustration and it fits exactly to your blog :) Could you add it to your collection? The file ID is 21204893. Thank you!

September 21, 2011


Thanks for all the lovely comments!

September 21, 2011


Oh, beautiful illustrations, good idea!

September 09, 2011


good idea!

September 08, 2011


Inspiring! I played it when I was a kid.

September 08, 2011


Thanks very much for your feedback!

September 08, 2011


Great game, congratulations!!!

September 07, 2011


Very nice!

September 07, 2011


Great job Maria

September 07, 2011


Great images, great for the kids.... Good luck.

September 07, 2011


interesting, really! I have to try to do them ;-)

September 07, 2011


Great idea!!!

September 07, 2011


Those are great Maria! Good luck! :)

September 07, 2011


Nice game! Congrats!!!

September 07, 2011


This is just lovely! I remember how much I used to love this as a kid =D =D

September 07, 2011


Very nice game! bye, Francesca :-)

September 07, 2011


Great tips and advice, wish I could do illustrations, will have to give it ago one of these days :-)


September 07, 2011



September 07, 2011


Good games !

September 07, 2011


Hello Mariaam
You are absolutely right, this game sold so much!
Thanks for posting my image! Good day!

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