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I love machines and all they do for us. In the photo world of today where would we be without a computer or all the machines that make our life easier.

But there are times they make me scream.

Like when you wait for an upload only to have it fail right at the end and boom, no upload.

Now the best one I had in a long time, I mean a real screamer

is when I was being a good boy and backing up some of my photos on dvd's and you know that little gauge that comes up and tells you how long the download will take?

I swear by all that's holy it said " 27,593 days four hours and 17 minutes remaining on download.

I couldn't believe what I read but it was there. I calculated that out to like 75 years. For as smart as this machine is does it not know what 75 years is to a human?

Obviously it was hung up on a file and soon it went right down to about 30 minutes but it really made me think and laugh.

What if two files hung up, can't you just see the message 250 years for download to be complete. My luck it would get right to the end and boom no file.

Photo credits: Dave Willman, Teresa Kenney.


time years

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October 02, 2007


LOL Computers are supposed to be these great inventions of technology, but I wonder sometimes. (.. maybe they're secretly trying to take over the world!)

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