Drabble: Cadaver

‘Where’s the body?’

‘In the parlour, sir, follow me. He was breakfasting on bread and honey. It’s strange, the corpse is twisted. If he’d been on his back he’d be resting on his head and heels.’

‘Where’s the widow?’

‘I don’t know, sir, but that’s husband number three.’

‘Hmm. Ring for the butler, he’s vanished again.’

‘Some forms of poison can bring about such a death,’ said Kent, tugging the bell-pull.

‘Yes, I believe strychnine causes convulsions. Ah, there you are, Pascoe. Where can we find your mistress?’

‘The Duchess is in the counting house, Inspector. Counting all the money.’

Photo credits: Dmitry Bairachnyi.

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