Drabble: Lucky Break

‘Good afternoon, Miss Lee. You’ll be eager to be free.’

‘Yes, I have deadlines.’

‘I see.’

My latest crush turns my hand this way and that. Skilled fingers make gentle assessment.

‘I’ll refer to you to physiotherapy.’

‘Thank you.’

‘Nurse Pringle, fetch the necessary paperwork, please. Soft balls to squeeze periodically for a matter of months,’ he continues after the nurse’s departure.

My healing hand trembles and I smile.

‘You look lovely today, Miss Lee, Galway plaid is my family tartan.’

He leans towards me.

‘It’s my lucky red kilt,’ I say and meet him halfway.

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November 08, 2013


Thank you, to all, for your lovely comments.

November 07, 2013


fine text and pic! ;)

November 07, 2013


So good:)

November 06, 2013


Yes, I love this photographer's work for book covers.

November 06, 2013


Gorgeous models!

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Photo credits: Carlo Dapino.