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The draw of the ocean

On a recent trip through the U.S. my wife and I ended up driving from a winter storm to a sandy beach on the ocean.

I can't help but go to the ocean any time I get anywhere near it.

It was a great trip, I got some nice shots and I feel refreshed.

Of course driving back home was a dog because just as it was when we left, we hit a winter storm.

But even the far north has to give in to summer sooner or later.

And it is always nice to get back home after a few weeks, but I sure wish we had an ocean close by because it's still calling me.

Photo credits: Dave Willman.

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April 03, 2008


Love those sandy feet! I totally identify with the "ocean is calling me" feeling. We are fortunate to have a beach house on South Padre Island, and the six hour drive never seems long when we are going - only when we are coming home.

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