When I was a child,my dream is Hoping that mom and dad took me to the park.That is my most happy things.

everyone have own dream.Don't give up on your dream.

Hold on,Hold on.....

one day ,It will come true!!!

Photo credits: Lifang1025.


dream happy

Your article must be written in English

August 27, 2011


sometimes is not easy to hold on your dreams,but stop dreaming would be one of the worst things someone could do...so let's dream!

August 27, 2011


thanks for the nice blog,I dream of PEACE for all

August 27, 2011


Yes, it's so great when dreams come true. :)
Keep your dreams alive and one day they would come true.

August 27, 2011


Yeah! Always follow your dreams! Very nice article. Thank you! :)))

August 26, 2011


... no one can change your life except for you... don't ever let anyone walk all over you.. just open your heart and your mind

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