Dream Bag Challenge

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Do you feel your head is full of ideas, how a real photo bag should look like, but you have never found such one on the market, no matter how hard you have tried?

Well, then maybe this is your opportunity. Israeli manufacturer of camera bags KATA has invited everybody to design their dream photo bag and submit it to the challenge.


Each bag will be reviewed by a professional panel of judges. The best design will be selected as the winner, hand built exclusively for the designer and packed full of photo equipment:

Canon 5D mk II body

2 Canon Lenses (24-105 EF L IS USM & 70-200 F/4.0 USM)

Gitzo Traveler kit (tripod + head)

and Litepanels LP MICROPRO

All bag sketches must be submitted before March 1st, 2010, at 23:59 P.M. E.T.

Do you need a new photo bag? Or a camera? ;) Maybe it's your chance.

And no, I don't work for KATA. ;)

Good luck!

Photo credits: Galin Evanov, Linqong, Ekaterina Staats, Raycan, Sinan Durdu, Timothy Large, John Cowie.

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I'm with Leslie on the pocket for lipstick. ;-)


Great idea!


Thanks, Maigi! Somebody make a bag with a pocket for lipstick and nicotine gum and I will buy it.


Hmm... sounds like a really good plan. Good luck! :)


I have been thinking about this since reading your post the other day. I think I have a really cool idea but suck at drawing and dont want my idea lost in bad representation of my sketches. Considering approaching students artists/designers to take my idea and put them into a decent form on paper. The thought being that should my idea (wishful thinking) win the prize, the student that helped me would be the proud owner of my not so old current Nikon D80 and accessories as repayment.


Aww... thank you, girls! Have fun! :)
Desi, I don't know yet. I have some ideas, what I would like to change in my camera bag, but I'm not sure, can I design it. But maybe I'll give a try. Glad, we have lots of time to think about it. But I would gladly have you as a competitor ;), and would be happy to see you win too. :)) But I really don't know yet, what I'm gonna to.


A very fun opportunity - thanks for bringing it to our attention!


Thanks for sharing! Great prizes, will you create one?


Thanks Maigi, you ARE a super surfer like everyone says!


Sounds like fun! Thanks Maigi :0)


:)) Thank you, guys! You made me smile.


Great post and oppertunity thanks, and she is cute :0)


Maigi, your like google, only difference is in google we need to search, but you provide the links even before we search or think.
Thanks for sharing these useful links.


LOL Thanks. :) I just couldn't keep it to myself...


Thanks for posting this interesting opportunity! You're a web reference Maigi. Cheers ;)

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