Dream Trip

Imagine yourself traveling back in time. Where would you want go? What would you want to see?

For me, I had always wanted to go back in time to when the pyramids were being constructed. Or travel back in time to when the Parthenon was used religiously as a place of worship for the goddess Athena in Athens, Greece. Or go back in time to see the power and glory of the early Roman empire. All of these ancient civilizations played a significant role in shaping our modern civilizations today.

So when I got the chance to visit Egypt, Greece and Rome earlier in August, I was truly humbled at seeing these magnificent sites up close in person. I still pinch myself sometimes to see if that trip actually took place. Thankfully, I have photographs to prove that the trip did in fact happen. :)

I hope you enjoy some of the photos from my trip that have been approved by Dreamstime.

Photo credits: Joe Ng.

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August 30, 2008


Alice, I'd love to go to Ireland too. Can't get rid of the travel bug. :)

August 30, 2008


Thanks Rob. Indeed it was a great trip. I could have easily spent another 2 weeks in Rome alone - it was so rich in history. By the way, your work is brilliant. - Joe

August 30, 2008


Past Lives..
I think we all have them.. we just continue to be reborn..Maybe these are places where you were before..
I long to be in Ireland. I love the Arthurian Era..

August 30, 2008


Hi Joe! What a great trip!!!
I like very much the photo of Saint Paul in Vatican, but they are all very very nice!
Bye, Rob.

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