Dreams are just that, dreams

How many times did you dream you can fly like the mighty Andean condor over the snowy steep peaks of the highest mountains.

Did you wake up with that feeling that you are lighter then a feather and had a great morning just because of that dream which actually only lasted a few seconds, maybe less? But it seemed so real!, that is the first thing you can think of.

Then you grab your things and go back to your modern city jungle, where you get splashed by vehicles on a rainy day or get squashed in the subway so that you won't be late at work. "Please hold that door for me!"
© Paha_l

By the time you got to work you probably forgot all about that wonderful magic dream you had and the only way you are going to fly is if your boss puts you on a plain and sends you to some boring conference.

So dreams are just that, dreams, but it's nice to have them otherwise we would get terribly bored.

Photo credits: Jjacob, Pavel Losevsky, Photomax, Nikhil Gangavane.

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August 31, 2007


What a poetic blog :-). I would just add one thing - dreams are also the very beginning of everything. In my opinion, there is a dream first and then we realize it :-)

August 31, 2007


Well, to me flying is not just a dream. I believe that on new earth, new Jerusalim, which be created from Jesus for those who are faithful to him, he will give them that new earth. And like He promised, we will flying like angels.last days will coming soon, so let's prepare for it.

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