Dreamstime Is The Best

Rural Canal Landscape 2

I may still be new to DT but... after trawling other similar sites I have decided DT is definitely the best!

With DT you get;

Help and support from members via comments. This is really useful and informative.

Referrals system - just great!

Easy to use site - even for me!

Support and help from DT when you need it.

If your image has been rejected - you are told why - then you can get it right or at least make it better and good enough!

You get an email when an image is accepted :) and an email if an image is rejected :(

Blogs are very useful and informative - never having blogged before DT I was suprised by what I could find out through blogs!

User friendly site with friendly members


I won't drone on....but I will be recommending and referrring to anyone I know who's interested:)

So thanks to everyone on DT, Admin and members alike for making it such a great site. You really don't need to go anywhere else!

Photo credits: Julie Denham.
Julie Denham
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  • Cheese365
  • Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom
I would appreciate any buyers letting me know where my images are being used.
To contact me please send me a comment on a photo.

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December 05, 2013

I agree with you that's way I am exclusive here. Have a great time here.


December 04, 2013

Also, DT is really great for buyers - I am not only contributor...
And, as you wrote, the community is really nice and friendly. After a while you may even find some friends :-)


December 03, 2013

Yes, dt ie the best


December 02, 2013

It is true......... but no bonus for saying it to existing Dreamstimers ! David.


December 02, 2013

Thanks for the comments guys. I am under no illusions, I enjoy photography and the fact that I can share my images with others and see their images too is great. If anyone buys an image even better. I don't expect to make a living out of it, there are too many people out there expecting something for nothing and ripping stuff off. It gives me great satisfaction to see my images out there and to know I am doing something right or they wouldn't be accepted. So I will keep uploading and editing:)


December 01, 2013

And if you are not planning to take this stock photography as your main source of income you will be happy to stay exclusive forever. :)

Yes, DT is a good place, but don't dream to live from microstock photography. I am here from 2009, I have 2500 photos and only $150/month income. I have models, studio equipment and lot of free time and I am unable to make a living from this. Golden years for stock are gone. Don't dream, will be disappointed...:-(


December 01, 2013

Right you are, keep it up! :-)


December 01, 2013

I also agree with your thinking, you really are right, the site is very simple, the auditors are very selective in their acceptance of the images, but they have a great potential for sales that give you a lot of satisfaction! Continue to expand your portfolio, congratulations!


November 30, 2013

Yes, true, and after having 50 images online you can apply to become exclusive. And if you are not planning to take this stock photography as your main source of income you will be happy to stay exclusive forever. :)