Dreamstime can transform your life.

Dreamstime can transform your life is a bold claim to make but can be easily substantiated. How ?

Well once you have had an image accepted you read the blogs and everyone says increasing sales figures needs a decent sized portfolio so buyers have a good chance of finding your images. So your motivation is to attend every event going and however difficult always to have your camera, lens and tripod close at hand.

At new year it was cold and damp but I felt compelled to attend the Inverness City Council party at which there was lots of activities including entertainment with fire and fireworks by the group Flyagaric.

During various visits to the Shopping Centre for Christmas presents I saw a fund raising event, a Carolthong, by Inverness Choral Society and also Chrismas Angels. I was carrying my camera and took lots of shots [ some of the angels rejected ].

And on another cold frosty night Santa arrived in Inverness and I was there despite the weather to capture an image of children's faces with Santa Claus.

In the Autumn I heard that the Scottish Ploughing Championships were taking place at Tore on the Black Isle and I spent all day on Sunday photographing horse drawn ploughs. Although not very interested in farming the need to get images for Dreamstime spurred me on to attend.

Another strange activity was the World Porridge making Championship at Carrbridge 25 miles from Inverness. Again the need to expand my portfolio drove me to travel early on Sunday morning.

Although I found the venue of the Championship quite easily I had forgotten my off camera flash and couldn't get the shots I really wanted. However on the way home I saw a ggroup of St Andrews University students with kayaks and quickly set up a tripod above the raging torrent of the River Findhorn. I got my first ever images of Kayaking and found the sport very exciting.

Vintage car and traction engine rallies are another source of images and fascinating to attend like the one at Roseisle held in the Autumn where there were a fantastic range of old vehicles.

Early in September the famous Braemar Games is held each year and visitors and participants come from around the world. Queen Elizabeth is Patron and that fact swells the crowds.

Apart from events which tend to generate editorial images creative images like the Euro currency trap are another source of material.

I hope that I have demonstrated that the need to capture plenty of quality images to submit to Dreamstime is a life enhancing exercise. You see things in a different light and more important than than that you see things which otherwise you wouldn't have seen at all. When you disagree with an editor's decision, bite your tongue and smile.

Photo credits: David Watmough.

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oh yes! I love this blog... and the same thing has happened to me and my guy. we met on line and he was coming out of a 3 year depression where he just could not get off the couch. But me and my camera had to go go go for dreamstime, and we have found ourselves going to places and events we never would have thought to go. But I still have to work on him.... a few weeks ago, as we sat watching a huge thunder storm, a nearby business was struck by lightening and burned. I could hear sirens, smell smoke and ran for my camera and he would not let me go! probably for the best, but isnt this so much fun????


thanks for sharing! very inspiring!


Yup, been there, done that!


First really thought "what a bold claim!" but then I realized that I'm going through the same thing: going to places I've been before because I don't want to miss the opportunity or even going for a few days on vacation somewhere but your true motive is to take some good shots... by the way: good shots David!


The thing I prefer in DT is the possibility to know things I didn't know! For example I didn't know who was Carrie Underwood before I saw her pics here in DT ;)


Great article and nice photos......:)


Thanks very much for your information. Wonderful photos


Very true, hehe I agree with you!!


Yep, absolutely true. And you haven't even mentioned how much time you get to spend pushing that F5 button to refresh your earnings and your uploads page. Now that really is life transforming :-)


Well said David, is so true and life are more exited especially we have those extra time with a camera we can produce something we like..... more over bring in some extra cash.


so true, photography is the best excuse to see/go/learn something new!!


yes David, everybody who has some experience here at DT says that you have to keep uploading photos, that this is the key and I can only confirm, happy going for this 2012 to all of us!


I couldn't agree with you more, David. I have stumbled across many interesting activities and out of the way placed that I would never have encountered without the excuse of photography! Great pics too!


Great blog with excellent photos!!! I wish you the very best for 2012!


Great article and very nice photos, congratulations!

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