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I had decided this from the beginning but I had avoided mentioning it in the forums or blogs till I actually did it. Everyone who has read my earlier blog about the charity concert is aware that the concert is tomorrow - 13th November 2007 for Mentally Handicap children in India. I had decided to donate all the earnings in DT in the period 1st November to 11th November for the charity as a contribution from DT.

I didn't mention that I was going to donate earnings from all sales before 1st November, because some people might have mistaken my intention as a marketing gag for my portfolio. I was a bit under hope that I would be a featured photographer in Diwali time considering the timing of the festival with the relevant images which are existing only in my portfolio. Unfortunately that never happened.

Nevertheless, Thank you for all who bought images from my portfolio in the period 1st to 11th Nov. I am still busy in the concert, with high fever since 5 days and a larygnitis attack since yesterday. I am not able to speak properly and imagine I have to perform tomorrow. Please pray for me.

Photo credits: Nikhil Gangavane.

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December 02, 2007


Hi Maigi. Thansk for the feedback and your support for my future performance :)

December 02, 2007


Oh, sorry to hear it. You see, I'm reading it much later... :) I guess you are ok for now already. You are doing a good job in helping people, Nikhil. I'm sure next time your singing will rock the house and move the hearts. Good luck to you!!

November 17, 2007


Sorry for replying late :) The concert was a commercial success. We could do good charity but I suffered in performances. I got larygnitis and high fever, so couldn't perform that well.

November 15, 2007


Hi Nikhil, how did it go?

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