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I know what you will say "Oh, no, not another metablog". :P. I have thought for a very long time to write a basic guide about blog, what to write, when to write, how to write. But then, who am I to set the rules? And being member of the Admin., my words may be taken as rule/law by which to abide...That is not and should not be the case. I am a very keen and skillful literary critic - so my professors said - but this does not make me an expert in blogging. This would make me a harsh judge of your discourse in the worst case :).

I took the blog literally - not literary - and saw it as a combination of diary, personal and not too much, in which you can insert images and links to what you like, admire, look up to, what "hit" you at a certain time. Then I took it very literary - well, what can I say, old habits die hard, and thought that the blog was a large, very large library, where I could read and enjoy a lot of nice stories. But then people started leaving commentaries and this somehow did not fit in the scheme. Although I still think Dreamstime is a huge library where you can find encyclopedias on photography, books with jokes, fantasies, romances, tragedies and very very short stories :P, I needed to change the frame.

So I decided to find another metaphor for the blog. And maybe explain somehow what we are aiming at with this feature. Take it like this: Dreamstime blog is a very large coffee lounge, with distinct corners for every user to decorate and furnish. Your blog is your personal and private space which you accept to share with the others. You can put whatever you like in your personal space of course. Just remember it is the lounge where you receive your guests...and anyone can enter. You are allowed to be more honest than the usual since when you are decorating your lounge - writing - you are doing it on your own. Alone, but your guests are going to see the "aftermath" and are surely going to have some feed-back, be it to themselves or shared in a comment.

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For most of users, Dreamstime is a first or a second workplace. And the blog is, as I have said, the coffee lounge where you go and you get to drink your coffee while chatting with mates, teach newbies, welcome newcomers, in a relaxed and chill manner. Personal, private and public...they all combine happily. It is a perfect reconciling third space - neither public nor private - where you get to be neither rigid nor too relaxed, reveal neither a work mask nor your true soul, but socialize with people who are farwaway yet so close, co-workers yet good friends. Everybody comes here, the executives, the admins, the customers, the contributors. They all drink coffee and talk, give advice, counsel, sympathize, answer your questions, ask their owns. It's like the forum only you get to talk more, and more.

Drinking my coffee in several corners of the Dreamstime lounge, I have noticed that people share....a lot....they share mostly themselves, who and what they are. Small talk, big talk. Somebody's wife gave birth to a baby boy, someone travelled to Estonia, someone else wanted a camera but did not have enough money, somebody's mother died, someone explained how to crop images, and someone gave travelling tips and useful lists. He went to that concert, she fought with her boyfriend, they have a studio. The usual office coffee talk you get anywhere.

Now that you are decorating your coffee corner, answer these: Who are you? What are you? What would you like to share with people on Dreamstime? What can you say that can be useful to them? Or if it is not useful, how can it help them? Can it make them laugh, cry, smile, think, stop for a second and opinion?

I will now take you to some corners where I really enjoyed my coffee and talk: inspiring corner check this article or funny corner check out the mother-in-law or emotional corner check out the father or just chatting generator corner our funny names and last but not least useful corner important to read.

I have selected randomly some of the articles I liked best. There are many many more that could be inscribed in those categories. But I have chosen them to give some examples on what could the topics be.

I wrote my previous articles as stories, not for a particular audience. I did not seek for audience, I wrote about Dreamstime and my experience with Dreamstime - metaphorically, lyrically and literary. But I thought about the issue later and my lounge looked too lyrical even to me. I do not have photos on Dreamstime, I am not good at giving technical tips. And yet, I blog. What about? About everything, anything, nothing and life in general. I enter the coffee lounge and I don't know what I might find in there, maybe a tutorial, maybe a smile, maybe a happy event in someone else's life. I sip my coffee, listen to a story, give a comment, laugh and go back to my work. I got to know people. I am interested in what they have to say, what they think, who they are. I am still shocked and amazed at what I sometimes read. I know they say work is work, life is life but trust me, work can get pleasant and enjoyable among friendly faces. If I were a photographer, I would surely learn a lot during my coffee break :). I am still learning a lot during my coffee break...about people, communication, interaction, socializing, friendship, community and life.

So, when you write articles, ask yourself this question, do you think they will like your corner of the big Dreamstime lounge? Enough to drink their coffee there?

Photo credits: Andrei Aristide, Ioana Grecu, Stuart Key, Studio Dream, Yuri_arcurs.

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September 19, 2007


I love your stories. Can't wait the next one. A little creative doldrums? Nah, I don't think so. Too much work? :P Nah... but it has been a month already since your last blog... article I mean. :( When we gonna see the next one?

August 25, 2007


thank u so much for the comment in my blog of my pictures and all of my stuff.

see u!

August 23, 2007


Thank you for the advice on how to comment.

August 22, 2007


Very well chosen metaphor I must say! :) Personally I'm a bit overwhelmed by the amount of corners... a bit too noisy for my ears. But I'm adjusting slowly and I'm spending some more time at a bunch of the ones I like best. It's exciting when one starts learning more and more! Cheers and enjoy your next coffee break (in- and out-side of your metaphor)!

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