Dreamstime dreamers

Night dreams might be a nightmare, wonderful adventure or simple unusual vision. Dreaming gave our mind a repose from all day thinking, also tell us something about what is happening in our lives and same says that even what will happened in future. Dreaming is based on our imagination. Everyone is sleeping with dreams but usually do not remember about what it was.

Today have some unusual dream. I was buying sand (strange but simple brown sand like from the beach) and have stand in terrible long line with other peoples to get it. Soon I was bored and thought that it is meaningless because sand is everywhere. So I took metal bucket and want for it naked after I while I realized that my 40 years old neighbor woman is also nude and want to find sand.

It was unusual dream and when I was awake and remember that I smile to my self. What could this mean to me? Have no idea and do not really care.

Photo credits: Jesus Jauregui.

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