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I won't lie... Dreamstime hasn't been my preferred agency for purchasing photos and sending prospective buyers to. Another (recently closed as of today) agency held that position in my stock business. But since the announcement came down that this certain site would be closing, I have been contemplating where I would focus my efforts and direct anyone who inquired about where I might suggest they go for stock imagery.

It did not take long for me to realize that Dreamstime is the microstock company I respect above all others. The site is well-designed, makes the buying experience easy and enjoyable, and respects artists by offering fair wages and good growth opportunities.

Dreamstime gets my unofficial endorsement as my preferred microstock agency and the place I will most actively promote and send buyers to.

Photo credits: Artem Zamula.

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Good decision, Michael. Hope every buyer from that "closed" agency chooses to have their primary Shopping Carts here on Dreamstime.


Thank you, Michael.


Hi..I agree with you..is a sad day, but this could be an oportunity for DT to remain one of the site to respect!


Fair pricing, fair photographer commission, solid site, easy to navigate and perform searches, reliable customer service, large and diverse collection with ever growing numbers of exclusive images, I absolutely agree. Dreamstime is the one agency to send buyers to.
Let's help it grow!


Good choice and thanks!


Wow thats great.I recently closed my account on other sites.I agree with you.Thanks for being here.


thanks and hope lots of buyers will this site and visit my pf


fantastic! hope you always find what you're looking for here :)


thanks for this blog, it's so great to hear something like this from a buyers point of view :)


 Borat  (photo
© Konstantin Sutyagin | Dreamstime.com)


And the nice thing about Dreamstime for both buyers and contributors is that it's here to stay.


That's very nice to know:)


It is very nice of you to take the time to write this. I'm a newbie and your comments have validated my decision to choose Dreamstime and work exclusively with them. Thank you.

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