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Dear reader!

This is my first blog on dreamstime since I am farely "new" in this great community. I started uploading photos in here to earn a little extra pocket change, but I realized that the sells, depends on both quality photos and amount of photos.

I am a quite broad photographer who is photographing almost anything, and as my portofolio grows, new subjects are always getting covered and new angles of known subjects are discovered. Actually I personally think it is very hard to photographer a "one hit wonder", since I now have reached the milestone of 500 images online, and still only one level 3 photo. My photos must not be good enough to make such one yet - but it will arrive in the future!

Now is the exciting part... Dreamstime has made me love photography more than ever, and made it exciting to make great pictures - just knowing that someone is able to use ones photos and actually are willing to pay for it is a really great feeling, and it has almost become an addiction for me(mostly watching the revenue grow)! But being in Dreamstime has also given me a lot of good tips and information of how to make a successful photograph. The last couple of months I have actually experienced that my newer images are selling way better than the old ones I have uploaded.

For example. Recently I had a trip to the United States, where I took A LOT of photos, and also got a lot of them accepted in here, and i have already sold 5 of those, even though its just a month since they were uploaded.

Actually Dreamstime has given me the neccessary skills to make a career within photography, and to have this stock selling besides. Stock photography is not as strict as a single customer - I can tell!

The community is awesome, I like being in here and take steps forward according to my skills and according to my future uploads, and to everyone new in this community - keep on uploading, you will get proud of a bigger portofolio!

Thanks for watching I have new lands to discover to reach my next milestone, hope we will meet around.

Photo credits: Laurentiuz.

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February 14, 2014


Yes DT is a great site, and we have a great community... You have amazing images, congratulations.

February 14, 2014


Thanks, but short time I dont know... two years, is some time aswell, but hopefully my portofolio will grow larger and faster in future! ;)

February 14, 2014


500 images is awesome ni such a short time! happy shooting!

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