Dreamstime growth

I became a contributor here at DT in Dec 2010...actually, I started uploading in Nov 2010 "behind the scenes" while I waited for my exclusivity with another agency to come to an end...so my PF wasn't visible until the beginning of December.

In February 2011 I decided to become exclusive, and it has been a wonderful decision. It took 10 days for my first sale...and the sales from there have been slowly accumulating, with each month getting better than the previous one!

Some milestones to share - in 4.5 months:

961 images online

203 sales / 3 payouts

First assignment submission accepted

First Level 2 image - which has since sold at Maximum size / 13 credits

First two TIFF sales - on the same day!

First editorial sale

First P-EL sale

8 managed collections

I am starting to see some very positive growth here which I am thoroughly delighted about, and I really would like to encourage newcomers - put in the hard work, and you'll get results.

Photo credits: Tamara Bauer.

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well done, congrats!


Thanks to all for your congratulations, and a very happy Easter to everyone :)


Congratulations!Happy Easter




Great job,congratulations!!!
Bye, Francesco






Great achievement. Congratulations!


Well done on your achievements! I am exclusive here as well, and it is a decision I have never regretted. Best of luck to you and wishes for your continued success!


All very true, Keith - you're off to a good start with your images, just keep at it and the results will follow :)


I'm glad it's working out for you, Tamara :) A friend of mine (the guy who introduced me to the site) has been exclusive with DT for a long time, and he's never regretted his decision. This place just has everything: great royalties, excellent support and a strong sense of community. Love it :)


Congratulations :-)


Well done


Herminutomo - less potatoes and more variety, LOL!

Syaifulafzal - I came here from another agency, so I already had a portfolio of certain images I was able to submit here, which helped a lot in terms of growing my portfolio. But, I also shoot a lot, I shoot whenever I can, and all different kinds of subject matter, don't limit yourself to any one particular subject.

Sortapundit - best wishes with your decision. I can honestly say I have not regretted it - it doesn't work for everyone but I tried a few agencies before making my decision and my sales have really climbed since becoming exclusive. There is no other agency that will treat you so fairly as DT when it comes to royalties - two other agencies recently reduced the royalties to contributors (I was exclusive on one of them for 7 years before quitting there) and I am selling more on a daily basis on DT than I ever did there. My only regret is that I didn't come here sooner!


Good work :) I've heard great things about exclusivity here. When I first heard of the concept I couldn't understand why anyone would choose to limit themselves by committing to one agency, but now I'm just waiting until my portfolio is large enough to qualify :)


Wow. How you do that?


A real fast growth........


Wow... that's very.. very rapid growth... (enviously preparing thousands of similar potatoes)

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