Dreamstime iPhone app

Do you use it?

From time to time I do. I can say, it's pretty good! But unfortunately it has several annoying bugs:

1. If you have a call when attributing a photo and then you are back to proceed keywording you will find the photo submitted. And you can't change it then: cancel and resubmit only.

World War II line of defense

2. You can't pause your submission process (not a bug but a minus).

Homemade supper

I would like to have lunch first, then finish the submission process.

3. You can't change the attributes of a photo under review (not a bug but a minus).

4. The main problem I see is some "pending" photos are not really pending. They are just marked "pending" in the app, but you can wait for their acceptance forever: you will never get it as they are "unfinished" in your cabinet through web-interface. Usually they have attributes (naming, description and keywords of your previous photo submitted).

Lonely bench under Christmas trees

Did you find the same bugs?

Photo credits: Idruzhinin.

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