Dreamstime leads to a world of surprises.

If you set yourself a target for monthly uploads the Summer months are best for getting out to capture new material. Joining DT will encourage you to go to events you haven't attended before and to visit new places. Below are only a few samples of images from recent events.

I attended the Steam Traction Engine Rally at Pickering and saw not only traction engines but also a fairground and entertainment by dancing girls.

Then another trip nearer home to Fort George with a program called ' through the centuries '

with images of pirates, red coat soldiers and dancing in world war two.

The Royal Braemar Gathering is an example of Scottish Highland Games attended by Queen Elizabeth.

Images of a little drummer, boy with an umbrella, Girl drummer, Boy Scouts and Queens Guard are shown below.

Then in Grantown on Spey there was Motormania with rare vintage cars, Automobile Association motor bike and portrait of Patrol man,

Then there was an event called ' Go wild on the Canal ' with musicians from the band Seirm, climbing wall, and lots of other attractions.

At Brodie Castle there was an incredible selection of vintage vehicles in historic surroundings

There was also a raft race down the River Ness which provided me with my first sighting of the world famous Loch Ness Monster, even an image close to the Castle !

Visiting Inverness recently was the last coal fired steam ship, called a West Coast Puffer,

and you may like to know that you can book holiday on her and sail from East to West Coast of Scotland down the Caledonian Canal and Loch Ness

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September 27, 2012


I think half of the fun are editorial pictures - I reckon with the time they will make up 50% of my pf and they do sell now and then if they are some sort of special - for example my Superheroes sold in short time already 4 times - I LOVE editorial. But besides that I honestly do have the faith that the income of my photography will one day be much more than I'm investing (don't mean time) - it might take a few years and it probably might be not through stock photos.... I'm just at the beginning and it must go on being fun!!!   Green Lantern, Superman and Batman   

September 26, 2012


You have a great port folio David, and coming from Scotland, my husband was born and brought up in Grantown-on-Spey, it's a thrill for us to see these photo's. Keep them coming! Wish you lots of sales. :)

September 26, 2012


Your images are amazing, great blog. Good luck.

September 26, 2012


Dear Alvera,
If we all did microstock for the net income most of us would be sadly disappointed as the cost of cameras, lenses, computers, disc storage , costs of lighting, props, petrol for going to events, entrance fees would far outweigh the income generated. There will be brilliant illustrators and people with full time professional studios who do well but I do believe that they will be exceptions. We do it for love of photography and a way of partly off setting costs. It will be interesting to see what other people think. Editorial pictures give us a chance to do portraits of people whom we could never get to sign a model release ! Thank you for your comment. David

September 26, 2012


Editorial pictures brings less $ than comercial unless they are very special. But is good to have them in portfolio. Nice pics, good work.

September 26, 2012


yes, really very nice pf indead - congratulations! Here in Sydney its a bit the opposite - summer isn't the best time at all to go out and take photos but therefore the rest of the year without the heat - my family actually also benefits from my stock photography - we suddenly do much more trip than ever before :) and they look a bit more understanding when I buy new gear :)))

September 25, 2012


Great images accompanied by a nice explanation, I really like the light and the composition of all these images, congratulations!

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Photo credits: David Watmough.