Dreamstime progress part 4

I wont make it to long this time. I wanted to show my progress again when I had 150 pictures online. I finally got there. I did not find the time to shoot more often because of my daytime job that also becomes a night job lately. I am posting my progress for new member that want to know what to expect from Dreamstime. This will also depend on the kind of pictures, quality etc. but I think this will give you a small idea. I try to get as many different pictures online as possible. Retro stuff and textures seem to sell good but people still do better and gave me my first level 2 picture.

Here is my progress:

Total online files: 153 (10 pending)

Selling since: july 2011

Total sales: 58

Credit sales: 23

Subscription sales: 35

Upload bonus: $30.60

Earnings from sales: $51.96

Total earnings: $82.56

Level 1 pictures: 37

Level 2 pictures: 1

It started slow but I am getting more and more sales now. This month gave me sales every day. I have 19 sales this month already and it's just the 15th so I hope it will keep up like that.

Next stop: 250 images.

Photo credits: Marcel De Grijs.

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September 16, 2011



September 16, 2011


Great! Congratulations!!!

September 16, 2011



September 16, 2011


Great job, congratulations!!!

September 15, 2011


Twindesing, thank you so much for your answer! Yes, I am trying to shoot upload more. Very much appreciate you having a look at my portfolio. Thanks again, Ewapix

September 15, 2011


You are doing great, Keep on the good work.

September 15, 2011


Congratualations, 12 points from The netherlands

September 15, 2011


@Digikhmer: I noticed you before! ;) Thanks again! - Laten we hopen dat we nog veel verkopen hier! :)

September 15, 2011


@Ewapix: if you become an exclusive member you get $0.20 upload bonus per image. Its not much but if you think that some subscription sales only pay $0.23 it is a nice bonus and it made me more than $30 already. I see that you only have 24 images. Keep shooting and upload more! It will definitely bring you more sales! If my progress would be as steady as it is now I would have earned $800 with 1500 images instead of $80 in 2,5 months. And that is what I want to show with my progress blog. How many images would it need to earn good income and if it is correct that 2 times the pictures equals 2 times the income. I can tell you when I get to 300 images. :) But I hope some day I will reach that 1500 images also but for now I will go to 250 and see what that will give me an I will share it again! :) Good luck!

September 15, 2011


Hello and thank you! I am exactly the person this blog is for- a newbe who is still struggling quite a lot. May I please ask you what is an upload bonus? Thanks Ewapix

September 15, 2011


Congrats and greetings from The Hague

September 15, 2011


Thanks for the insight!

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