Dreamstime progress part 5

It's been a wile but I finally reached 250 images. I have many more to process so getting to 275 will be easier if I can find the time to process them in Photoshop. Images are already made. :)

I shoot in the weekends and think of subjects, objects and ideas during the week. I write them down.

Isolated objects shots are the easiest way to get images accepted. They don't sell as good as images with people but in large amounts and with good subjects they bring a nice extra income together. Isolated objects gave me about 55 sales in total now. Retro objects work the best!

I have been uploading for 8 months now and February is going to be my best month I think. I have had my last payment on January 29 and I am already on $70.96. I am aiming to get $100 every 30 days so I hope to get to that point very soon and then to $150 and who knows whats next. :)

My earnings have been:

jul 11 - $14.65

aug 11 - $14.97

sept 11 - $69.66

oct 11 - $76.70

nov 11 - $55.52

dec 11 - $67.71

jan 12 - $81.18

today 10th of feb 12 until now: $60.97

Upmloading: 8 months

images online at this point: 250

Total sales: 267

And $50 for upload bonus.

Total at this point is $491.58

More images is definitely more sales! But I do have to work on more images with people on them. They are my top 4 images. I have many new ideas for them but it takes more time to get the people, time and place together. Objects and outdoor are easier to make but even with that you can create nice selling portfolio. Just look what is online and is hot. Try to compete in every single subject you like as long as you are building diversity.

Hope some people find this information useful. I am open in what I earn so new members know what to expect. i searched for information like this when I started and could not find it. But I think I can be sure to say that everyone that starts microstock wants to now: How much money can I make and how many images do I need for that?

There are better photographers but I have also seen people with less sales and bigger portfolio's so I think this information is pretty average.

Good luck to all of you!

Photo credits: Marcel De Grijs.

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February 26, 2012


Great job!

February 12, 2012



February 12, 2012


Congratulations, Patrick! You are doing very well here! Love the abstract city image. I also love your positive attitude. Keep up the great work, and best wishes for your continued success!

February 10, 2012



February 10, 2012


You're doing great.

February 10, 2012


Good sales

February 10, 2012


thanks for sharing!

February 10, 2012


Congratulations and good luck for the future!!!

February 10, 2012



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