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Dreamstime brings you our latest addition: the DT search box, a more practical and direct tool to look for images on our site. Not only can you now take DT as companion in all your virtual online journeys, but our site is always at hand in no time.

When you browse our pages using latest Firefox or Internet Explorer versions, you will always notice the downwards arrow next to the search box in the upper right corner of your screen. A simple click on this arrow will reveal a new option, - "Dreamstime search" or "Add Dreamstime search" among others. Once selected, this option will be automatically installed and thus become your default search box. In the same way, you can adjust and go back to initial search settings.

The feature is not only easy to use but a simple term search in the upper right corner of the screen will lead you directly to our search result pages wherever you are.

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September 16, 2009



March 13, 2009


Great idea

March 12, 2009


That's great!!!

March 01, 2009


Great addition! I already have Dreamstime in my firefox bookmark toolbar to get there quick, now I can search fast too! Thanks!

March 01, 2009


it's an excellent tool!thanks

February 26, 2009


Thanks so much! I never knew you could change the little arrow... duh.

February 26, 2009


that's briliant. thank dt!

February 26, 2009


You can find a german tutorial about search boxs on my blog

February 25, 2009


Thanks DT!!! That's great!

February 25, 2009


Wow! cool idea ;)

February 24, 2009


Very cool. Thank you DT.

February 24, 2009


Excellent! So seamless and quick.

February 24, 2009


This is simply great! Another perfect feature. Well done again, DT!

February 24, 2009


Wow!! Absolutely great!!!!!!!!!! It does some funny things with my Firefox, but on IE it runs perfectly!!! It's super-hyper-great! After that sad news about Ellen leaving, it's a very comforting improvement and announcement. Thank you very much! It's a great gadget.

February 24, 2009


I think it is automatically added to all firefox and IE browsers. A very good new addition. Thanks.

February 24, 2009


Thank you for the tip!

February 24, 2009


really great
, you allways support us so well.thanks!

February 24, 2009



February 24, 2009


Great feature! Very useful. Thanks a lot! Bye, Rob.

February 24, 2009


This line of search was added automatically in my IE. :)
Very useful tool.

February 24, 2009


Thanks might be helpful.

February 24, 2009


Have added DT to list of search engine. Will definitely use it. Thanks for the new tool.

February 24, 2009


Very cool, I shall try it out! Thanks Dreamstime!

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