Dreamstime Submission Rate

Based on numbers assigned to my Dreamstime submissions in a 10-hour period, I have calculated some interesting figures regarding average Dreamstime submission rates:

26 submissions per minute

1,549 submissions per hour

37,174 submissions per day

260,215 submissions per week

1,130,697 submissions per month

13,568,364 submissions per year

That's one submission every 2.3 seconds!

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November 28, 2012


13 000 000 pet year? lol lot of rejections:)))

November 27, 2012


*sigh* rejections *lol* That's a lot of submissions.

November 27, 2012


Thanks for sharing, the only thing missing is the number of rejections...

November 27, 2012


Interesting, thanks for sharing!

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