Dreamstime Therapy

O.k. I came up with a good idea and I thought I'd throw it out there for thought. Any good therapist will tell you that when you need some cheering up you should find some thing out of everyday to make you happy.

And everytime I get a sale on Dreamstime I'm like a little kid, happy as a lark.

So my plan is to convince Dreamstime to sell a therapy package for $365.oo . I'll pay them to buy one photo a day and everytime I log on and see a sale I'll be happy for the day.

Think about it , a trip to the shrink is probably more than that and that's only one time.

O.k. cut that in half and Dreamstime could have the therapy budget package for every other day.

Or the low income therapy package for every three days.

This of course is only temporary until we get to the point we will have a sale everyday by ourselves.

O.k. you all think I'm nuts, but that's the point.

Photo credits: Dave Willman, Teresa Kenney.

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November 26, 2007


Well! What you said is a joke, of course, but the first part is definitely true. Selling your pictures on Dreamstime is a great therapy. It makes you happy (happier if someone leaves you a comment about the use of your picture, I agree) and even if one download doesn't make you rich, it can cheer you up on a bad day.

October 06, 2007


It truly was a joke, sometimes I get a little goofy.

October 06, 2007


I have my therapy sessions with DT collections. ;) I have gathered some of DT greatest photos into "Beauty Around Us" and some other collections, and if I have my low time, I go and browse through those collections. It's like walking through the fanciest gallery, and that lifts up my spirit again.

October 05, 2007


So, we would buy a package, and buy our own images? The sales just don't mean as much to me that way. I get more excited about a sale when a designer downloads an image and plans on distributing it in some manner that others will see. THAT'S where I get my rush! This evening, a designer downloaded one of my favorite images from my portfolio, Party Pig. This person left me a comment saying that it was going to be used for an accountant's opening reception. I found that to be a pretty good rush. =D

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