Dreamstime Watermarks, Are they Working to stop Image Thef?

OK, so I've been playing with the new search feature on Google.

Have any of you been doing the same?

I have to admit there have been some good and bad results so far.

Good in that it is great to find where my images are being used, online.

Bad in that during the course of the hits that I have found, I seem to have found more images being illegally used, than the legally used ones.

As fa as the ones that are producing hits [outside of the dreamstime and or its affiliated stock libraries] and as far as the ones that I am assuming are legally used, as the images have at the very least registered a download, and are being used without watermarks present.

Hmmmmmm, that brings me to the next issue for discussion …

DT Watermarks. Who else out there feels that the DT watermark needs some level of boosting?

I ask this in light of the following:

In most of the images that I have found to being illegally used, so far, it seems to be that the watermark is barely visible, and is therefore not clearly enough of a deterrent?

just take for example this image:

which is incidentally one of the images that yielded results as suspected as being used illegally. No wonder, as when you look at that watermark, it is almost not visible.

[I'll not post the link of the image @ the reported violation, as I am assuming that he DMCA notification will result in a takedown shortly]

and perhaps another example:

Yet again another of my images that yielded results as having been used, illegally. This is one is a clear cut case as that image has never registered a sale, but it is online. And the watermark is more visible in that offending used image. But still it is very light and that is clearly why it was never purchased.

Have any of you guys and girls out there also been finding that the watermarks are just not visible enough & are therefore not stopping the "sample" images from being made use of?

Ok so, we are never going to ever be able to stop image theft. Not even if the site disables all comping downloads etc … and anyway what would be the point of that, as we want our images to used in comps, to sell them to prospective buyers. But I have to admit that I am a little troubled by the number of images that I have seen being used by online "bloggers" etc, with the watermarks present. I do feel that if the DT watermark was more visible and more clearly stated that the image is protected under copyright that at the very least it should cause just a little more effort in avoiding the type of thefts that I have noticed over the past few days.

And now over to a little positive news:

Yes, not all bloggers are such slackers.

I am very happy to announce that I have in my travels picked up on a very good stock image [and a dreamstime] buyer. Who also gives visible credit line notifications, even if they bought the file as RF [which we most of us know is not a pre-requisite for that license].


wherein I noted that one of my images have been made use of:

wherein I noted that one of my images have been made use of:


Thanks to this buyer, and any others like them, for the credits, not just for mine but for all the various locations that are credited for the many many images that you seem to be purchasing for use in your online content. It is customers like you that we all want to see more of here at dreamstime.

Photo credits: Patrick Allen.

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June 01, 2013


yes watermark is not a deterent, they need to boost it

August 17, 2011


I agree with Brett:"I'm sure that theft is a very small part of the overall market", but I agree also with you. Many of my illustrations are, for example, sets of icons on white background, and often some icons are not at all covered by the watermark, so even easier to use them :-(

August 16, 2011


I agree with you.... Let's see if DT can do something about it.

August 16, 2011


@Z3ra7ul3x - Definitely not cool.

August 16, 2011


All been discussed before many times and it is a fine line between security of the image over giving the buyer a good view of the image to enable them to buy it. I'm happy as it is and the reporting methods now in place as we find images with watermarks on. Stock is still very cheap and I'm sure that theft is a very small part of the overall market.

August 16, 2011


Yes impravo security... watermark.. i found clips on youtube: how to remove DT watermark:)?! COOL?>!

August 15, 2011


I agree with you. DT could do better in terms of watermarks, though it's not so bad right now, and hopefully the admin will hear that.

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