Dreamstime on your phone

Mother at walk with carriage

Because of my daughter's birth I had a little vacation,and after some while I resumed my photography very active. During summer time I shoot a lot of stuff and now it's time to name it and tag it... So I wondered if there is an app of dreamstime for my phone? And yes, there is! Very easy,free and simple! Now I can tag 'em even when I go for a walk with my princess daughter! Just wondering if anyone also use this app?

And what is your impression?

Mother eat icecream

P.S. Too bad that app don't support videos ((

Photo credits: Svetlana Solovjova.

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October 02, 2015


I use the app. I send photos from my computer through the cloud and then upload them through the app on my phone. Later after they have been accepted I go to my computer and add the categories and any other corrections to the descriptions. Looks like you are having fun with your baby. Enjoy, they grow up so fast.

October 01, 2015


Need also to download it ! Thanks you for the post!

September 06, 2015


I didn't had any problems with it yet. As soon as i upload pcs it's gone from everywhere:-)

September 05, 2015


The only issue I find with the app, is that it doesn't always update...for example I have files which the app says are ready to submit...but I sub,tired the on my camera weeks ago.....

September 04, 2015


Thanks for yor reply! Photos was approved without category. And I'm totaly happy that I can take Dreamstime with me all the time! By the way it's already 600 goal:-)

September 03, 2015


been using the app for a long time, no problem coz of the lack of categories.

September 02, 2015


Just send a message to the Dreamstime support team about this stuff,we'll see what they will reply...

September 02, 2015


Oupp, now I realise that in this app you cannot choose category... Very sad... Does anyone ever send a photo's without categories? Would they reject them?

September 02, 2015


I'm uploading photos from my PC but tagging is happening on my cell phone!

September 01, 2015


I never use that apps either,because all of my artworks has been saved in my computer. You did a great job on capturing those happy faces. Best luck for you.

September 01, 2015


I didn't knew that they have such an application...Since I didn't have much time to spend near computer and wondered if there is some kind of app.And it was!It's very nice that Dreamstime made this thing. Yesterday I tried it and I think it's pretty useful, only that videos can't be uploaded...

September 01, 2015


I didn't know about that app, but now I will definitly try it. thank you

September 01, 2015


Thanks ))

September 01, 2015


Very nice!

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