Dreamtime images should be able to be sorted by ratio of download/views

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I think dreamtime should add a sort option to reflect the most popular images by using the ratio of download/views. That should be an acurate way to measure the popularity of an image. The current system only has a way to sort by number of downloads. It does not present the quality of the picture since longer time the picture is online, the more downloads it can generate. I am sure a lot of people thought of this because other sites such as name removed by admin. has such a sort option. Is dreamtime possible to add this feature? Or there is any other reason not to have it?

Photo credits: Ketian Chen.

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Or it can use ratio of downloads/days online to measure its popularity. that is what SS does.


I see your point, but that could lead to viewing competeing images to reduce the popularity of other peoples images.


viewing their own images without download will decrease the ratio. make the image less popular.


I think having that option might lead to some people cheating the system by viewing their own images from other computers or while logged out. I've seen it happen elsewhere.

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