Drive-in ATM

Traveling gives inspiration. For the first time I have seen drive-in ATM in Manado (North Sulawesi, Indonesia). I my country we have nothing like this. Do you have such a way of banking in your country?

Photo credits: Petr Zamecnik.

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Thank you for sharing, Petr!


Thanks for advice, BCritchley. Unfortunately in this case I had no occassion to get back to this place with better sky conditions...


Did you get a shot at night when it's lit up or under a better looking sky? A good sky can help increase the images sales potential and can make a shot look more like a photograph than a snap shot. The other thought for this would be in the middle of both, golden/blue hour, you get the colour and light in the sky with the place lit up also. Many get fixated on just the subject they are focusing on and lack attention to the rest of the image but by taking in to consideration other elements like light, foreground, background, angle of shadows etc and build up the whole image around the subject.


Yeah. And it can be used where is not enough space for parking.


I think it is very safe.

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