Driving Your Personality

This blog is inspired by a recent incident that troubled me enough to think about these lessons that fuelled me to write it down –

1.A person’s personality can be judged by the way one drives the vehicle. - Anonymous

2.Driving is not a difficult task, even a circus bear can do that. The right driving is knowing how and when to change the gears or make adjustments understanding the timing, the situation and your vehicle status. – My Grandpa – Mahadeo Gangavane

3.Heart is just a blood vehicle, it’s the brain who drives it. – GODFATHER RETURNS.

Taking all the above lines together, you can surely reach to a conclusion that a simple thing like driving can be enhanced beautifully with intellect and some logic, but there is also a personality factor that plays a huge part in it. Its not just the intellect my grandpa talks about that makes a good driver. Take these examples –

1.A person driving perfectly who shifts the gears at the right time, doesn’t use breaks abruptly or speeds without a calculated risk. What happens when that person parks the vehicle. Does he park the vehicle well. Does he worry about the vehicle he parked? Was he supposed to move it somewhere else after a certain timing. Did the parking ticket time expire.

If not, he is a kind of person who handles only responsibilities of a problem that lie directly in front of him. One track mind which takes care of things as long as they are active in the moment. The person generally will be able to counsel people and solve their problems as long as they are in front of him. The priority of that person is not based on the problems that are put up in front of him, but mainly on who is in front of him at that moment. Get out of his sight and soon you and your problem will be out of his mind.

If the person did take care of the vehicle even after it was parked, taking care of other things, then that person is a good multi-tasker. He knows how to set priorities and solve them based on the urgency in time or the graveness of the problem. You and your problem will be on his mind even when he is at work or with his girlfriend. There won’t be anything you will need to do like calling up to ask whether he could find out some solution. Totally reliable.

There can be so many more examples like this that could go on and on. But with time and with many associations, I did understand that driving does actually reflect a person’s personality. And remember that driving isn’t just limited to driving the vehicle but infact his/her relation with the vehicle. A taxi driver once told me about people forgetting indicators after they turn. They said its just a habit that any person should have after starting a vehicle, running your fingers over all the important knobs and switches and check if they are all in the right position. Dust the major parts which are easily in our reach. How much time does it take? Hardly 5 minutes! But we pretend to be too busy to do that. We actually can always spare 5 minutes for a vehicle that takes us to places where we make our careers or someone else’s. They are worth a lot more attention that just driving them.

Before I end the blog, I will come a bit outside the ‘driving &personality’ issue. Though we have been taught since childhood about living things and dead things, I really have never accepted that. I always feel that things we consider as dead are actually things that are more lively inside. If you were a quiet*(check below) person I am, you would relate to a stone like I did. We make noises when trodded over or hit by another stone, we break but we keep watching silently of how people and time passes by and what happened then. In the same way vehicles after being assembled will be having their own identity and a mind of their own. Seems like imagination, but isn’t if we really start relating to things on the energy level, the vibration of the matter that makes them. Give it a try, even if you don’t talk to your vehicle, try to pamper it a bit. If not even that at least try to understand personalities of people whom you consider as living when they use their vehicles.

*PS – Don’t take the word quiet in the literal meaning. People find actually find me talkative but very few notice that I joke, I discuss my adventures, I discuss other people, their problems but very less times that I talk about my own future or my worries. I don’t ponder over past as sad things but as jokes, a life that I can live again(I really can). I was always quiet since childhood, but as I started growing up, I understood that people find it weird to find a person so quiet, and eventually find that person boring. What is the harm if what you talk make others laugh. After all that’s what makes people always wonder – “Did he crack a joke or did he mean something serious?” … Friends… I am always serious… maybe in a funny way!



Photo credits: Nikhil Gangavane.

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