Drobo storage

Pat Ballard inspired me to write this. Read her blog entry first.

Archiving our work is a constant struggle. I do agree. I myself burn DVD's, have Seagate's Free Agent which is mirroring my main drive. So, theoretically, I have my images in 3 places. Not bad? Well, I think not good enough.

DVDs and CDs age. You keep them in a box, when you want to recover data from them, they can turn out to be unreadable.

Your main hard drive is the most likely to fail, when your system crashes.

OK, you still have the mirror. Let's hope it survives. But! It's physically just ONE disk! Connected to the system, right? What if THAT fails too ?

Disclaimer first - I haven't bought the Drobo yet, and, of course, am not a shareholder of their sales :)

The main idea is you have up to four disks and a robot which looks after your data, moving it all around the available diskspace. Plus, you can upgrade it by changing disks marked as not good enough.

See the presentation here.

Drobo is on my "to buy' list.

Photo credits: Aronbrand.

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August 25, 2008


I'm checking this out. Of course, this problem is age old. We're just more aware in this electronic age of how quickly things can be wiped out.

Thank you so much for your input.

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