A drop of flood

Yes people, I had a lot of water in my office and in my studio. It happened last Monday on 1st of November, during the night. My parquet was devastated, but lucky me: I didn’t have any objects on the floor.

© Vicnt

So my advice: as much as you can check and change your bath and your kitchen accessories at least once at two years. My plumber told me that.

And now the good part: Today, I was looking after a photo for my blog and I discovered something: flood in the office is not a very good covered subject.

Photo credits: Vicnt.

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November 12, 2010


Great shot, but I think you have to spend some money for the office now...It's happening sometimes!

November 12, 2010


cool nice shot

November 12, 2010


At a.m. 5, I didn't have any time to make pictures. ..water in all the places, including other offices...

November 12, 2010


Sorry for that! When I first sought that picture, I thought that it is your office looking like that under water! Hope that your office was less affected!
Good luck!

November 12, 2010


This shot belongs to Victor Zastol`skiy.

November 11, 2010


Looks bad, hopefully you have insurance and the photo pays for some of the damage.

November 11, 2010


To bad, yet, great photo!

November 11, 2010


Sorry for that Dragos! Yes it's needed to check about some installations in the building every now & then! Specially hot water tubes!

November 11, 2010


Too bad... : (

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