DT 101

This morning I hit 101 images uploaded and suddenly feel compelled to author a "What I've discovered" blog. So here it is!

1) I KNOW SO LITTLE. Every shoot, every rejection is an opportunity to learn more.

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2) IT'S WORTH IT. Face it: if I wasn't playing around on DT I'd just be surfing the net or on FB. At least this generates a return on my time (no matter how tiny!)

3) LIGHT IS EVERYTHING. When I started, I'd shoot in any lighting condition. Now I know light is like oxygen, and if I don't have enough, my shoot will struggle from the start.

4) YOU DON'T HAVE TO HAVE PRO GEAR. I don't own a single light - or even a proper flash .. But I'm enjoying using 5 mini headlamp lights we take camping to light my images.

5) DT IS ADDICTIVE. I didn't realise when I stumbled across this hobby how satisfying and addictive it could be.

6) STOP CHECKING NUMBERS AND GO SHOOT SOMETHING. I'd hate to discover how many hours I've spent in the past year, just checking my numbers. And not just download numbers, but view number and collection numbers. STOP IT! Go out and shoot something instead and the numbers will look after themselves.

7) I LIKE THIS COMMUNITY. So many interesting people on a fun journey of learning.

8) I HAVE A DREAM. I particularly like seeing folks from non-wealthy nations scratching out a living on DT. Which got me thinking. Our family supports a home in a 3rd world country for kids rescued from slavery and prostitution. What if we could resource one of this teenagers with a camera and the skills to eek out a living via DT. To us the revenue is just a couple of US dollars, but in many 3rd world countries that translates into enough money to put rice on the table and keep the wolf from the door.

Thanks for reading and for creating a great community.


Photo credits: OnAir2.

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June 23, 2010


8) I HAVE A DREAM,i like it!

June 23, 2010


Very Nice Blog...

June 14, 2010


How do you get the mb size of an image big enough for DT to accept? My Canon Rebel D300 struggles to make them 2.5 or 3mb. Any tips would be gratefully received please.

June 11, 2010


Touching articles! keep this great spirit

June 11, 2010


Great article! I ,too, check numbers and ratings too much I suppose,and sometimes rejections intimidate me... I keep trying though!

June 10, 2010


Good article! I agree .

June 04, 2010


Great blog post Peter! I agree with everything you wrote, Congratulations on your milestone!!!

June 01, 2010


Here's to many more uploads and acceptances! Congrats on reaching 101 and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

May 31, 2010


I LOVE your last idea! Do it!!!!!!

May 29, 2010


very nice....its true DT is very addictive....me i see to it i pass 2 to 3 images a day....if dont pass anything i feel my day is not complete....nice blog....

May 28, 2010


Congrat's on your milestone. Awesome blog.

May 28, 2010


Congratulations for your milestone! Great blog :)

May 28, 2010


I agree 100%. Especially like the #8!!

May 27, 2010


Congrats! Good tips!

May 27, 2010


Valuable points to remember - congratulations on reaching your milestone!

May 27, 2010


so true. before i spent a lot of time on my computer, now i spend even more, lol, but it passes quickly. it is addictive

May 27, 2010


Well said! Congratulations on your milestone

May 26, 2010


Eloquently put, very nice, #8 touched my heart.

May 26, 2010


#2 is spot on - stock develops your skills and put internet time to good use, among other rewards.

May 26, 2010


Congratulations your milestone! Nice blog :))

May 26, 2010


#8 sounds like a solution for wars and world hunger too, if only everybody shoots with a camera, not gun, and is able to make a living out of DT's earnings. ;)

May 26, 2010


LOL, I like your number 6... culprit of that one definitely :-)

May 26, 2010


Great blog.... Nice ideas. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

May 26, 2010


You wrote a great article! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

May 26, 2010


Well done, Peter. I like your concepts!

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