DT building relationships!

Last weekend I went for a small vacation to a beautiful country, Lebanon! What is so special about this trip is that, for the first time I meet with DT members out of my country!

It was great to know each other through DT & build our relationship through the facebook! And finally have met personally & had great time together!

George & Eliane thanks for the great time & the great hospitality! :)

Hope to see you more times! ;)

© Mani33

Thanks DT for knowing these great friends!

Hope I will meet more DT friends in the future!

Cheers ;)

Photo credits: Eliane Haykal, Georges Kyrillos, Maen Zayyad.

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Hello Mani,Must have been a nice experience...

P.S. A salute to George and Eliane are two very kind people!


Thanks ;)


very good blog, thanks for the advices! :-)


Thanks Dragos!


Happy to hear you had a great trip and met so many DT friends!


Thanks for your comment Princess! And my pleasure to have you on my friends list ;)


I love this!! Maen, Eliane and Georges meeting up - how cool is that!

We did have a couple of FT meet ups in London fairly recently (one I couldn't attend). If anyone is up for a DT London meet up - I am sooo up for it!!

Since I joined this fantastic creative community - yes we meet at various forums and on FB - hand on heart, my life has been so enriched. I have made some great friends including a number of you here.

To Friendship, Love & Peace across the world! Cheers!!! :D


Ahh finally the trio complete now! Thanks for the great day both of you ;)


A late comment: it's good to know that many people & it was a great day!


Thanks Jenni, I'll remember that! :)


How fun is that! Hey, Mani, when your travel takes you to San Diego, give me a holler. I only get to see tourists spots in my city whenever I have friends visiting.


LOL Carol! What noises you're planning to do :P :)))


A big DT party would be great! All we need is lots of money and a venue/country that will put up with all our noise lol :D


There are DT members all over the world of course, but the issue is that if they build a friendship just before they meet! I'm sure many of the big photographers has met somewhere & many had met because they share the same country! It's great if you plan to visit a country & know that you have DT friends there! :)

I think I have many that I would love to visit some day! The invitation is open for who wants to visit me in Jordan or Portugal! Cheers all ;)


We may not gather all at one pace but if we can have designated meetup locations per country or area, and get some live feed video conference maybe it might just work? Just some crazy suggestions : )


DT has many members worldwide. Short of martians only *LOL*. Maybe we can start a brotherhood?


DT friends are welcome to Turkey also. If you visit Istanbul , I will be glad to meet you here and enjoy the historical city together.


Well join us next time :D


You surely had great time together! I'm sooo jealous! :)


Thank you all for your great comments! I wish if I could make a visit to all of you my great friends... I could say that is possible if we really want it! :)

@Eliane: Indeed it was great & hopefully the next visit, we will have more time & have a bigger program :)
I already miss it :)))


Loved the pictures on FB.. :)


Wow! That is very cool!!! :)


Thant is so nice.I hope someday I can meet some of you.DT needs to have a big get together all expense paid.LOL


I'm sure you've had a great time together, is beautiful to hear!


We didn't even plan much for it & it was that good, the next time will be greater as we'll have a full program on :D


A beautiful proof how internet is a very useful and great tool.... many times (like always) the news bring just a negative cases about maniacs etc... but Internet, like Fb, Twitter etc,. can be so useful and so positve tool for us. Like it shows this nice blog!


Very cool! I am jealous. ;-)


That's great Maen!I am very jealous now:)))


Sounds like a great trip, something I will have to look at trying to organise in the UK :-) Thanks for sharing :-)


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