DT building relationships! Part II

Today is my birthday, but not for that I'm bugging you here! It's just an opportunity to share with you the nice moments I had with great friends whom I first met on DT! :)

A year ago, I met a a couple, whom I knew through DT also, and since then my relationship with Eliane Haykal & George Kyrillos had become more tight! They are more sweet face to face than you can imagine through any other mean!

I won't hesitate to visit them another time when I have the opportunity! And not to miss that great typical food we had together! :)

This year, I was lucky to meet FOUR friends whom I met first on DT!

© Mani33
One if the stops was in Dubai tho I didn't miss the opportunity to meet a great brother Altaf Hussain, whom I enjoyed with him a couple of hours, shooting & talking just the way we do on any social network or e-mails!

It was a great pleasure to see him & inshallah I would love to meet him again... :)

© Mani33
Continuing my long trip, landing finally in New Zealand! Meeting a wonderful couple that one of them is a DT member! :)

This couple had a special occasion that I promised my self not to miss, which is their lovely wedding! It went as perfect as they wished & of course lots of joy for me & everybody there! :)

More two members of the family are also DT members... Sweet Carol who was the first I knew from the 3! Sally who is simply great! :)

We have had all the LOLs & ROTFL just like in the social networks, and the way it started on DT. :)

I wish I will have the opportunity to visit them again & repeat the joy & longer vacations! :)

I think I can't write any sentence with out ending it with a smiley! It's addictive! LOL

It started with TWO, this year with FOUR... I hope I will make it next year & meet EIGHT or maybe more at the same time! :)

It's hard to tell about the year after! SIXTEEN!!! LOL

Not that I don't know enough people from DT to make sixteen! They are many more! ;)

Thank you DT, and thanks for all my friends who shared me these nice moments! To those I haven't met yet! Never say never! ;)

Happy Season everyone! Cheers!

Photo credits: , Creativei, Eliane Haykal, Georges Kyrillos, Maen Zayyad, Beatrix Dawn Newall, Scottysally2.

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Thank you David! Yeah people always tend to find a common language if they want to! Great isn't it! :)


Belated birthday wishes :o) .... I met one Dreamstime friend, I was on holiday in Kos Greece at the same time as Roman, from Saint Petersberg, Russia. Neither of us spoke the others language, luckily Romans girlfriend was able to translate, good thing about photgraphs, same in any language !


Thanks Gennaro86! :)


Very nice image, compliments!


Who knows Rozenn! Maybe one day! ;)


Add Brisbane to your already long list of destinations :-)


Sure Leslie "Queen of France!" :)))

Thank you Cristalloid! I will consider that! :)


if you are in switzerland, don't hesitate to get in contact with me :)


Come to Austin next time, Maen!


Thank you Dragos! :)
Thanks Gabriel, yeah I hope that too my friend! ;)
Sure Corina I will! Thank you! :)


Happy Birthday already told you, when you pass to Rome drop me a line!...:-)


Happy Birthday Maen,sorry for the delay..i wish you all the best and all your wishes to become true!And i hope we will meet someday also:)


Happy Birthday , Maen !


I'm not an easy person you know! OKAY I'm coming back! :)))


good to hear you'll be coming back heaps, we'll hold you to that :P lol


OMG! Thank you sweet Eliane! Say hi to Georges from me as well! :)


...& Adeliepenguin, he's super special :)


This is a great feel-good blog :) Happy Birthday my friend! Georges says hi & we're waiting for you :D


Common wish Ingrid! Thanks my friend! :)


Great blog!! I wish I could know all of you some day also :))
Happy birthday!


Thank you so much Adeliepenguin! Now you have drawn one on my face!:)))
Let's keep the smiles as long as we can! Take care my friend! ;)


Happy, Happy Birthday Maen:):):) You are right, smiley's are addictive. I think I will be wearing one on my face all day after reading your blog. How special you are to build such friendships!


Thanks so much Kharyadi! Yes it could be as DT admins are also one of these nice social people as well! :)


Happy birthday Maen!!
I never thought that DT could be a social network also ^_^


Thank you guys for the birthday wishes! :)
Thank you Serban! We are proud to be DT family! ;)


Moving and inspiring, thank you!


Happy Birthday


Many Happy returns of the day,
 Happy Birthday with candles lighted. 


Happy Birthday!!!


Thanks all for your nice comments! :)
Dawn for sure one day I would like to have your visit! But I think I will be visiting you more before that! :)))

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