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DT changes on focus!

Hello guys,

I know I am a DT addicted and in specific, a blog addicted, but I was waiting for somebody to talk about this... Since it's been a week or more maybe, I have decided to talk about it my self for who didn't notice...

You know that DT is one of the most user friendly microstock site and with the recent changes it became much easier & with more exposure to our images!!!

The first recent change is that you can browse minimum 80, 120 & maximum 200 images per page instead of 20, 40 and maximum 80!

I know DT is not the first agency to do this change, but it's one of the most successful agencies among who did it!

As internet connection is getting faster around the world, this change was needed! Lets say that in many cases buyers don't have time or patience to browse more than 10 pages to find an image! So now they see 4 times the number of images with the minimum number of images in a single page... In 10 pages that is 40 times the possibilities to have your image exposed there!

So on with the rest of browsing number of images...

The second change is a great help for a buyer to get back to the images he/she had viewed during his/her navigation!

Now when you open any image you can see down on the left corner a new section that is Recently viewed images, another great cache idea for a buyer to get back to an image that he/she had opened during his/her navigation on DT! Imagine a buyer opened an image and wanted to get back to it... simply it can be done by opening any image and checking the Recently viewed images, if there were many images, clicking more images will open a page for these cached images only! ie: no need for repeating the search or trying to remember the image title or any info!

These are small but great changes for the exposure of our images & making it easier on buyers to get back to the viewed images & seeing more results with a single click!

Thanks DT, & thanks all for your time reading this blog! Have a nice season everyone! :)

Photo credits: Carlos Caetano, Ensiferrum, Haywiremedia.

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Never noticed until reading this blog. Thanks.


Yeah I saw that Brad! It was an option that was made for the photo request section on the message board & now it's for all!
But have you noticed that DT had made me a liar & changed the browsing number of images to 20 80 & 200! LOL

Thanks Mat! Cheers my friend ;)


Hurray to Dreamstime for their constant changes to better this agency incentive to us. It's so obvious that Dreamstime is all about rewarding loyalty of their contributors. It's refreshing to see an agency looking for long term relationship and win win situation mutually and not pull the carpet from under the feet of their suppliers.
How can you not want to keep ensuring shooting for Dreamstime and to keep enlarging your portfolio here ?
Here's to a better year for both of us.


Did you get a newsletter? I got one the other day with another new feature - the subject alert. Check it out :)


Thanks for nice stuff!


yes ,i like the maximum display amount increased to 200 also.


thanks Mani, I think this changes are good both for the buyers and for us as we depend on each other, this is we form a triangle: DT, buyers and contributors, everybody leaning and depending on the other one!


Happy New Year Matt :)


HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone at DT :)


Aha! you're getting the touch then :P :)))


I did see that one!


**** One more update! ****
There is an EDIT link beside your user name on the top!


Great to know about the changes. Thanks, Maen.


Thanks :)


Thanks all for your nice comments!


Thanks for sharing :)


Thanks Maen for the info! Wonderful new changes, especially the new section "Recently viewed images" is very good and useful.


Thanks 4 the info I hadn't notices this :)


As always Maen, I get to hear news from you!! Thank you!! ;D

DT has made a wise move and great changes!!

Happy New Year!! (I want to be ahead this time ;))


Nice improvements. THe 80, 120 and 200 were ones I hadn't noticed - although they are less useful with the dynamic search than they would have been a year ago. But hey - I'll take two options over none! It is nice to see DT constantly making minor improvements in the user interface.


God info, thanks for sharing


Thanks for sharing... Good to know...


very cool for everyone.Thanks for sharing Maen.Happy holidays
Peace and Love Deb


Thank for sharing


Thanks for sharing!


I noticed the first but not the second, thanks for telling me!


I hadn't noticed the changes, so thanks Maen for pointing them out, they are good improvements to the site indeed!


Thank you for sharing.
I have taken note of these changes,your analysis is correct.


Thank you for the tips Maen!

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