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I still do not know if it is a good idea or not, but anyway I got it a week ago and now 2 images are on-line:

How much downloaded these images will be? I have no idea... Place your bets, colleagues!!! :)

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June 08, 2011


Nice idea... Good Luck

March 08, 2011


Thanks for idea, Diane! I will think on it...

March 08, 2011


Maybe you could put (with photoshop) your computer with that dreamstime page on one of your fantastic moon shots? ;)

March 05, 2011


What a fantastic idea!!! Well done. I´m sure you will have a lot of sales with these great photos!

March 04, 2011


Hi Marcin. OK, let's wait together :-) Perhaps somebody else will join us... ;-)

March 04, 2011


Hello Igor, I tried a similar idea half year ago, but so far still waiting for the success of this picture :-). So far in the competition with this picture, start you and me, so let's keep our fingers crossed for a change ;-)

March 04, 2011


I think it's a good idea! Wish you a lot of sales ;)

March 04, 2011


Not a clue! Hope 3,000 times!

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